Friday, March 12, 2010

the suckess thing

yeah im happy now..but not really actually..ok la fine la sikit-sikit is my last paper, it quite suck by the way..i cant answer a few simple question like 'teknik fiksasi' and 'virus'..i study so hard but it come to a blind end when i look on the question its seem like i have't study any of it so frustrating..knowing that u sleep at 2a.m and woke up as early as 4a.m to study..but it end up u do not know how to do!!

ok..i feel disappointed..the paper that i score so well in the mid term seem to have failed me..

u pointer will drop mom will not trusted me anymore..people will blame encik kekasih for this..and the saddest part is..i will be under estimated again..enough with me being kutuk by my siblings..uhh..its so hard..  

Friday, March 5, 2010

ok fine..u are under stress teritory

now im sitting for my final exam..seriously i am so down right now..not because im not doing well with the papers but because i think im still not sick with book..there are 3 other paper left and i havent covered any of it yet..
people call me 'otak fotostat'..come on, for god sake since when i have this super-brain???

i wish i could just eat 'roti doremon' (ala yang kalau tampal kat buku, lepas tu makan terus ingat tu..gile tip top!)
but i dont owned doremon!!

oh crap..i waste my time already..come! study!!!