Monday, February 8, 2010

managing your money

today is my allowance..its great to know that we have our own money..and its moreee great to know it for free!!! yes..its a kkm i get payed just to study..isn't great?? yesss..

but as for me..i think the sum of the money that i got  was't enough (hani kau manusia tak pernah puas)..u see..i have to pay for kutu..for my groceries..lot of stuff to think about..


 i have create this simple way in order to manage your money properly..
ok,but this does't mean i never face any money matter before this..i just learn from experience..
so here are 5 step that u can follow in order to keep your money safe:

  1. open two account, ok here u have to do..if u have one bank it is not enough..its not safe to keep your money in one u better have a backup for me..i have 4 account bank..but i only use the top two..whenever i got my allowance,i will transfer RM200 to my maybank thats mean,i have split my for my daily use and the other one if for my life saving or emergency.
  2. buy a note book..this is the most useful guide..the function of the note book is for u to write every single thing that u done with your money..such as 'monday: cab-Rm2.00,Lunch-Rm5.00' and so this u can see all the money that u use for the whole entire month..
  3. make a list of things that u want and things that u need..list down this u know how to keep your self in control before u buy something useless..
  4. cut off everything that u do not need..for example, in your daily list u write 'beli jajan (snack)-Rm3' hey dude..u can still live without instead of wasting your money just cut out from your list and avoid yourself from buying it for the next time.
  5. lastly, dont u ever dare to check your backup account..check it after a will be suprise to see the sum in your account..good luck and have a good try : )