Tuesday, December 11, 2012

a little update on my current life

salam people..wow i have't blog for such a long time already did't quit realize thought..time do move too fast as we can't even catch up with them anymore..hmm where to start, shall i say my current life? hehe..

well..as soon as i stop working as a clerk at one of  management of the apartment i used to live ( i know..such a damn looser working at your own apartment) , i spend most of my time doing nothing but preserve my self inside of a cosy house which mum provided..don't blame me for being a lazy cow, she insist me from doing anything as if im a little kid that can broke hey precious crystal glasses at anytime..well good thing is, i can watch tv, online shop and apparently gain a massive kg within few week..pad shoulders..so proud of my self..

to be truth, i don't fancy anything involving lazying around..i love working up, i love to get those ass moving and sweat my shirt..i do help mum with her housework, but not much..she kinda ask me to do something which end up she will be the one who do all the work..such a useless daughter she have ey? i love my mum..she is not the type of woman who love blabbering about stuff she does't like, or raise her voice whenever she felt like everyone turn her down..no..my mum is the most responsible woman i have ever met in my entire life. im not kidding, she can still breath calmly even though she know that she gonna be alone and helpless after my father have to work outside region. she never scold me without knowing the truth, she never ask me to do things that she know i would't like..i have no idea what kind of word that suit to describe her, but she is an amazing woman that no mother on this earth can beat her..well at least in my side of the world :P

so now, im trying my best to cope her with everything she wanted..from taking her to Tesco whenever they got 10% off for chicken and onion..or help her cooking or even do the laundry..i must say that, being a housewife aren't fine..but u used to it when that is the only thing u can ever done to kill your time. me on the other side, can't wait to get my feet on job..im being jobless as far as i can remember, and waiting to get call from the government is like waiting for flood in south Africa .don't they know how much time they been wasted for not taking me into a job..seriously, im tired of waiting...

alright then, enough talking..got to sleep early, mum might wanna ask me to take her to pasar tomorrow..see ya :D