Saturday, February 6, 2010

headache oh headache

currently im having this severe headache..its killing me..

mak..sakittt ToT 



saya malas

tengok..tengok..malas pula..hani,time is running out but u still lying on your bed..moving your hand around the keyboard and did't blink just to stare at this stuff..u are going to succeed when u being a lazy bum??

ohh..sekarang saya nak membebel pula pada diri sendiri (macam org gila sikit)..


study mode people

OMG..i cant stand this anymore..quiz..lab test..assignment..quiz again..lab test again..and assignment some more..ohh..and now i have to shut down this lappie..and open my book bioam dan genetik manusia..and i have to study..and stdy..

oh by the way..i feel my spirit come to the max when i think of what en.shahrul said last time..'hani,walaupun awak dapat 4.00,tak bemaksud awak akan terus maintain' this like a some sort of  motivation or he really mean it..but somehow i take it positively..

ok nadia..time to study!!! 

ps/ my friends give me this new name "hani otak fotostat"..uhhh kau kejam sahabat..

the domino's pizza written above.. domino's pizza..'so what?',hello daaa..its happen just now..there were 2 girls coming to my house..when i open the door i was like making this (-_-") face..ok..i though it was some sort of bancian rumah ke rumah..but no..there were the promoter of the domino's pizza..'boleh kami masuk' and i was like..'err boleh2,masuk la'..'ok dik,akak dari dominos pizza,kami nak...bla..bla..bla'..hey i have this one little tiny miny problem witch is i cant resist all sort of promotion..they never failed to compromised me..yes..and this time i almost jump into it..but u know.. i have this motto sound something like this "hani!! no more expense for this whole entire year' so..i have to fight this desire not to get influence by the promotion...

i tried to give an excuse by saying 'kak,saya tak ade duit la..'
akak domino's: ala dik pinjam la kawan-kawan dulu..tu ha..pinjam dia..
saya : emm tak nak la..saya xsuke susahkan orang
akak domino's: tapi dik,promotion ni last harini je
(ok,when she said 'last' i get more eager to buy it)
saya:buat muka resah
akak:cepat la dik..ramai orang dah bli tau
saya : macam ni la kak,akak pegi rumah kawan saya,nanti saya mesej die suruh die beli..nanti kami kongsi (ayat nak selamatkan diri..padahal kawan tu tak ada)
akak: kalo macam tu ok la..

fuhhh..selamat..i was so happy!! not because im lying..but because im able to get rid of this two akak domino's..ouhh..i know i can do this..and im going to do it again anytime when it come to a promotion..jimat beb...

im fucking tired tired(tpi blogging pulak)..huh..cant even walk straigh..besause im soooo tired right now..why?
because..urgghhh..because of all this stupid assigment..of all this lab test..of all this quiz..
and recently i have to sleep a lil bit late..finishing every single bit of my assgment..and it even worse when i have to woke up as early as 5.00am to study for the up coming test..
i dont even have time to berangan even for a second..ohh im so tired..pleas..i need a break.. i need to take a day off..pleass..somebody help me..