Monday, August 1, 2011

Im in a middle of distracting mood..this blog is all about my personal life, i sure nobody minds if i ever update a little peek on my personal life..i have no idea to whom should i express this exact feeling rather than this blog. im sure, some of my friends read this blog, but what can i say..something inside me telling me that i should write something here to ease the atmosphere down there inside my heart. so here i am..writing about my personal life, expecting somebody would understand and come towards me, pat my shoulders and tell me to move on..blurghh

its happen i sit comfortingly, checking M phone..and a sudden shock, i  read another girl text in his inbox. being me, the impatient one, scroll down..and immediately dial the number. its a i talk, ask a few questions..she said she is M girlfriend..he's a total bummer..keep a shaggy with another girl! 

the rest of the story..i'll keep it frustrated..i have being the most faithful person in the world, yet he treat me like im a bimbo or something..u know what M, u think im a loser don't u?? i know u reading this, and u know what?? im sure u don't understand a single word im writing, cause u stupid like that..hows that??

uhhhh..still, im so can be unfair sometimes..they always a fortune and unfortunate things happen..but i keep my dignity as high as i could, cause if i cant pull this time around, non of other bad thing i can, to my friends or whoever reading this..don't in a state of stability, i can put my mind in my best controllable self of all..i talk much did't i??

alright..i push all the tense gonna give him a huge kick in the ass..let alone my feeling, im gonna be okay in a few month..yeah, these scars need vitamin to faded away don't they? it takes time..