Tuesday, February 9, 2010

im taken babeh

im taken?? what? who? er...yeahhh..im taken..by this sweet sweet Humpty Dumpty sweetly milly cute adorable guy..(wah wah panjang plak kau describe)..yes im taken by this guy..

(bunyik drum ala-ala pengumuman award kan)

hey..not this!!! 

ok..this is to much..toooo cuteeee...

oh..ya..im taken by this handsome guy..but this is not what the entry are for!! nexttt!! (ayah selfwhore) 

kasi tertanya-tanya sikit,..

tuu diaaaa...tadaaa!!!!
it was Mr.Cupcake!!!

ps/ love u laa datuk penunggu gua,this entry are specially dedicate for u gemok :D

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