Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mentor Hits 2011

how is your day hani? been goooood??

No..not just good but great and awesome and cool stuff happen and full of giggles and..and..enough, too exaggerative..

hello world!! how is your day? my life was pack with lots of thing. mostly are the activities done by the college. being me who love to involve in lots of activity really cheer me up :)  so, yesterday, im participating an activity call 'Mentor Hits'..the name is not so meletop at all..lame name, given by who eyy?? so, basically, this is a karaoke competition. which the student who are the mentee need to sing together with the lecturer which are the mentor. sound interesting rite? wait till the singging part, u will regret hearing it -___-

so we sing a song by Anita sarawak as suggest by my friend *not gonna admit me liking kak nita* call Joget sayang disayang, i never heard bout that song before, so it tooks me several days to memorize the lyrics and got the exact rhythm. but dude, don't blame me for not picking a 24:7 song..wahaha..opsss change to max 247 already..

so here are some of the pic taken on that day..

what was i thingking in that movement? 

end our day with a blasting jar of heart. not because of the singing part, but because of the girls talk between the mentee and the mentor. its a huge relief knowing that someone is guiding u all the way for u to become a succeed students and always be there to listen to your heart. No im not mengampu, im just spreading my love towards her :) 

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