Saturday, July 9, 2011

dont laugh too much, cause u gonna cry

im not in a mood of crushing people meal but yeah, somehow i need to case something happen. people would't wonder 'what happen to her?? its a sudden death was't it??'...well.. i case..

this was taken last month when my tonsil got infected, u can spot there were some white thingy, well thats is what i call lesion or "nanah"

after taking my medicine..those white spot has gone..but my tonsil is getting swollen as if its gonna burst at no time..

u can see my bloody vein showing is scary when u see it live..

now..i suffer some of tonsillitis symptom :

- i make noise when i sleep..even if i take a nap for a few little minute, i sound like an animal..sangat memalukan ok.. especially when i sat next to a handsome guy for 5 hour travel shah alam-johor in a bus..i want to sleep, i feel super sleepy but to think that i make noise when i sleep made me stay all the way till i reach my destination..pity me wasn't it?

- i have trouble swallow take me few minute to swallow a bite of a bread..

- i have trouble in breathing not gonna say much..u know what to do don't u?? pray for my healthiness.. 

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