Saturday, February 6, 2010

the domino's pizza written above.. domino's pizza..'so what?',hello daaa..its happen just now..there were 2 girls coming to my house..when i open the door i was like making this (-_-") face..ok..i though it was some sort of bancian rumah ke rumah..but no..there were the promoter of the domino's pizza..'boleh kami masuk' and i was like..'err boleh2,masuk la'..'ok dik,akak dari dominos pizza,kami nak...bla..bla..bla'..hey i have this one little tiny miny problem witch is i cant resist all sort of promotion..they never failed to compromised me..yes..and this time i almost jump into it..but u know.. i have this motto sound something like this "hani!! no more expense for this whole entire year' so..i have to fight this desire not to get influence by the promotion...

i tried to give an excuse by saying 'kak,saya tak ade duit la..'
akak domino's: ala dik pinjam la kawan-kawan dulu..tu ha..pinjam dia..
saya : emm tak nak la..saya xsuke susahkan orang
akak domino's: tapi dik,promotion ni last harini je
(ok,when she said 'last' i get more eager to buy it)
saya:buat muka resah
akak:cepat la dik..ramai orang dah bli tau
saya : macam ni la kak,akak pegi rumah kawan saya,nanti saya mesej die suruh die beli..nanti kami kongsi (ayat nak selamatkan diri..padahal kawan tu tak ada)
akak: kalo macam tu ok la..

fuhhh..selamat..i was so happy!! not because im lying..but because im able to get rid of this two akak domino's..ouhh..i know i can do this..and im going to do it again anytime when it come to a promotion..jimat beb...

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