Saturday, February 6, 2010

study mode people

OMG..i cant stand this anymore..quiz..lab test..assignment..quiz again..lab test again..and assignment some more..ohh..and now i have to shut down this lappie..and open my book bioam dan genetik manusia..and i have to study..and stdy..

oh by the way..i feel my spirit come to the max when i think of what en.shahrul said last time..'hani,walaupun awak dapat 4.00,tak bemaksud awak akan terus maintain' this like a some sort of  motivation or he really mean it..but somehow i take it positively..

ok nadia..time to study!!! 

ps/ my friends give me this new name "hani otak fotostat"..uhhh kau kejam sahabat..

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