Tuesday, October 26, 2010

just a Quick update

just a bit of something..im at my auntie house..got to send her to air port as she and her husband is going for hajj..so, im gonna update about it later..and also, i just got back from negeri sembilan..it was the most tiring trip ever..i drove from kota tinggi-jb-seremban-kuala pilah-bahau-rompin-palong-gemas-segamat-tangkak-pontian..fuhhh..its a 24 our driving..well that all bebeh..see ya!

misz murai : kau tu kecoh je lebih

1 comment:

  1. perghh jauh tuh ko drive..
    aku drive dlm kg pastu nk msuk pagar rumah dah excident langgar pagar...huaaaaaaa