Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Announcement bout nothing

As time being, this gonna be my last update for this month and i will be hiatus again for few weeks. then i will update a better story! yeyy!! btw sistah, i am soooo joining u guys for the food hunting around KL!!!  would be awesome with me around rite :D kacing kacingggg!   oh oh...we should fill the schedule with a blasting photoshoot too!! woot woot...

so yes, later ill be updating something smells like this :

"kite kite kite"

"thank u for keeping me alive food"

"2nd hand product anyone??"

"family is my top list"

not to mention, lots of photos too..hahaha..currently being obses with D90 :)

opsss, final exam is tomorrow, so i got to go now babe..tataaaaa

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