Wednesday, June 15, 2011

the flight is Cancel

I sepatutnya sedang pack barang barang i untuk fly ke kuching esok untuk bertemu parents i, abang , kakak ipar dan of course anak buah kesayangan..but sadly, i terpaksa korbankan keinginan tu..tiket i burn macam tu je hanya sebab rasa tanggungjawab sebagai student dan pengarah program. mannn responsible can kill someone hapiness..just . like. me...

be optimis..

its ok, somehow we gonna turn a new leaf...things are getting better someday u give and tomorrow u gonna get a better thing..habes optimis dah ni..

i text my brother 'sorry gila esok tak boleh pegi sarawak, ade kelas and ade stuff  kena settle'

he replied  ' ala pegi jela...khalis ( anak buah i ) balik raya 4 hari je '

boyyy this is killing me...i miss khalis damn muchhhhh, god knows...since he was born, i only met him for two times!!!! and now he turning two years old!! i dont even know how tall he becoming or how cute his giggles are..super pathetic to a super horrible autie in the making here..T_T

i call my mother to make me feel better, she says something make sense and she do make me feel better, and she end with i love u..ahhh..ur the best mother ever..

so, they would be no update of me going there..its ok, next year im gonna be there just a matter of time..

p/s : yuyu, sila bergembira...jangan lupa belikan aku souvenir babe..T_T menangis tekap bantal

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